Payment and Installment Options

Installment options for credit card up to 9 months and payment option via money order is at your disposal at Taç

Shopping from Taç website offers you the facility to make payment via both credit card and money order.

Payment via Credit Card:

The installment options shall become available after you enter your credit card information when shopping and selecting the option for payment via credit card.

Our members hopping from Taç website enjoy the installment options up to 9 months for the cards of the banks specified below to facilitate the payments. 10% interest rate is applicable for options that involve 4 and more installment.

  • Garanti Bankası- Bonus Card
  • İş Bankası- Maximum
  • Akbank- Axess
  • Finansbank- Card Finans
  • HSBC- Advantage
  • Yapı Kredi Bankası- World

100% Secure Shopping

All shopping transactions on Taç website are 100% secure.

  • Our system is protected by Global sign, worldwide recognized security organization. 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security system secures tour credit card info and renders it inaccessible to anyone except you.
  • When you enter your credit card number, all information on your number are encrypted and sent to the bank.
  • Such information is inaccessible to all third parties, including our firm.
  • Credit card information is secured between you and your bank.


Payment via Wire Transfer:

You can use wire transfer option for payments when shopping at Taç website.

Select wire transfer option during payment.

Please enter the text “Online Order Payment” at “Remarks” section during wire transfer.